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Washed Out

14th August 2017 - Monday 20:00

Washed Out, Georgia’s sensational indie electronic artist is bringing his signature sounds to the Marquee Theater!

Washed Out (birth name Ernest Greene) was born in Perry (Georgia) in 1982 and is a singer, songwriter, and record producer. He began his musical journey by producing songs in his bedroom and working dance music recordings with a local band. His breakthrough came when some influential music bloggers discovered his music on social media and he released his debut extended play (High Times) in 2009. His musical style is best described as a blend of indie electronic (a subgenre of alternative/indie rock with affinity for electronic music, using samplers, synthesizers, drum machines, and computer programs), shoegaze (a subgenre of indie rock and neo psychedelia, characterized by the blurring of component musical parts—typically significant guitar distortion, feedback and obscured vocals—into indistinguishable mixtures of sound), and chillwave (a genre characterized by a faded or dreamy retro pop sound, mellow vocals, a low-to-moderate tempo, escapist lyrics about the beach or summertime, psychedelic or lo-fi textures, effects processing, vintage synthesizers, and other attempts to loosely emulate 1980s electronic pop aesthetics as well as engage with notions of memory and nostalgia). He’s had a stellar career with 3 studio albums, 3 extended play, 8 singles, and 4 music videos. He's also performed at the Pitchfork Music Festival.

Don't miss your chance to see this artist add a unique touch to chillwave, indie electronic, and shoegaze!